PlatON Empowers Ethereum 2.0 on Project Security


Since completing the design of the secure multi-party computation algorithm in the solution Ethereum 2.0 Proof of Custody and implementing its first phase code last April, PlatON has been in close communication with Ethereum. Now, the two parties are about to launch a new round of cooperation to enhance the security of MPC project in the Ethereum 2.0 standard.

To solve the data availability in Ethereum 2.0, the cooperative project – “MPC-based” Proof of Custody established a security mechanism, that is, a group of validators will ensure that they have witnessed the block data, lowering Network security risks caused by “data availability”.

The new cooperation aims to improve the safety of the project and involves a modification in the algorithm, which is: previously, 1/2 of the verifiers were required for qualified verification; now the number is changed to 2/3.

Last year, “MPC-based” Proof of Custody implemented the first phase of the code and was tested and open-sourced on GitHub. During its test of 20 nodes (test environment: 4CPU+8GB+100Mbps) distributed over five different countries in 20 cities including FrankfurtMumbaiSydneySingapore, and Tokyo, the online generation of Proof of Custody took about 3 seconds, much shorter than the requirement of 12 seconds.

In the future, PlatON will continue to deepen cooperation with Ethereum, to satisfy its need for security, algorithm and engineering in version 2.0.