On Debut Day, Augur Becomes Biggest Dapp on Ethereum


The Forecast Foundation couldn’t have chosen a better launch date for Augur on Ethereum than the final stages of one of the most exciting world cups in memory, and their numbers reflect users enthusiasm for the new decentralized application as it claimed the top spot in its category on DappRadar just one day after it was released.

Augur #1 Ethereum Dapp in First 24 Hours

The Augur protocol which runs on the Ethereum blockchain is a Dapp platform which uses bleeding edge technology for betting on the outcome of events. As Dapps are new technology there is no single way to measure their potential success, but as Augur has posted impressive numbers in its first 24 hours of existence against such phenoms as CryptoKitties one would have to judge it a winner already.

After it’s first-day Augur is being ranked #1 in its category and # 5 overall by user numbers according to DappRadar. By volume, though Augur comes in at #3, being edged out only by exchanges. It racked up 992.43 Ethereum processed by its smart contracts after day one, compared to CryptoKitties 27.02. These numbers push it up into rare air among its dapp competition.

For many, this was to be expected. A low fee wagering platform that exists outside of any governments’ prying eyes is sure to draw a horde of willing punters. As Augur has, but it has also drawn its fair share of detractors.

Still Some Problems to Overcome

Augur’s launch has to be considered an unbridled success. For a dapp to have a smooth launch in the blockchain world counts as something, but to also gain more than a couple of hundred users on its first day when so many others struggle to make double digits is remarkable. That being so, user experience is everything when it comes to an application’s long-term success and for many users, Augur still has a lot of bugs to work out.

While many of the complaints being posted to the Augur discord thread and Reddit seem to stem from user misunderstanding others, like Augur repeatedly disconnecting, and the slow syncing rate may be blamed on high traffic.

Among a plethora of Reddit posts, one popular one read, “dear Augur guys put yourselves in the shoe of the end user,” who – the poster- said can get frustrated by the disconnects, give up and never return.

Those ‘Augur guys’ have responded to the problems. Platform founder Joey Krug, tweeted out to followers a definitive, if you’re not part of the solution – you’re part of the problem, type tweet; writing, “Everyone knows the Augur UX is bad right now because of issues that only appeared on mainnet in production, pointing it out on twitter isn’t saying anything useful/productive.”