SOS Announces the Launch of 2nd Batch of Mobile Data centers and Successful Open House Event


SOS Limited (NYSE: SOS) (the “Company” or “SOS”) announced launch of the second batch of mobile smart containers, which marks completion of phase I of its Super-Computing and Hosting Center in Wisconsin. A total of 16 mobile containers are expected to be operational in phase II, 4 of which are expected to be operational in July of this year.

On June 27, the Company conducted an open house event for the public to visit its Wisconsin super-computing center. The event was very well attended and a video recording of the event can be found on the company’s website at service.sosyun.com/sos_en/about.html.

Mr. Yandai Wang, CEO and Chairman of SOS, commented, “Mobile smart containers bring new opportunities for us. We had a very successful open house. We appreciate all the participants for their over-whelming response. In the future, there will be more opportunities for interested parties to observe our operations.”

About SOS Limited

SOS is a new high-tech company with artificial intelligence and blockchain as its core technologies. Through core technologies such as AI, block technology, satellite communication and big data, the company provides digital technical services for emergency rescue, big data marketing, international trade, digital assets and other industries, and provides customers with one-stop digital overall solutions. For more information, visit www.sosyun.com.